• 2017 Was The Best Year Of My Life

    2017 was the best year of my life, and this is that story told in three chapters.

  • My Space Shuttle Movie

    My only regret in life is never going to see a Space Shuttle Launch. This is the story of that dream.

  • Milwaukee Summer Timelapse

    A short movie showcasing the massive collection of timelapses I've taken from Milwaukee.

  • How I Started Vlogging

    This is the story of how I started Vlogging.

  • My Last Vlog

    It's been an amazing run, and I will always remember this body of work as my biggest creative accomplishment

  • Koss Stereophone Booth

    In 2017 Koss Headphones made a Stereophone booth for the Milwaukee Home store in downtown Milwaukee.

  • KOSS BT539i Commercial

    A web commercial I made for KOSS and their BT539i Bluetooth Headphones. This was shot entirely with photos, no video.

  • I Don't Run

    A short movie about the first mile I ever ran in my entire life.

  • I Run

    A movie about the first 5 miles I’ve ever ran in my entire life.

  • Fumbling Fool.

    A music video I shot for the Vitrolum Republic. It was recorded in one take at the Pritzlaff building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • I Like To Bike

    A short movie I made about my love for biking.

  • Utah

    Las Vegas to Zion National Park in Utah. Hiking Overlook Canyon Trail and the Narrow.s