I've been working on a project that is very important to me, and has been a huge undertaking.  The music I use in my Vlogs is an extremely important piece of the stories I'm trying to tell.

Music, whether it's in my Vlog, a film, a short movie, whatever, is the emotional anchor that ties everything together.  The artists I feature in my Vlogs work terribly hard to create their music, and I haven't done a good enough job showing my support and thanks for their hard work.  I give them credit, I often send them money, but I've alway felt I could do more.

I'm extremely proud to introduce this new page on my website, completely dedicated to every single artist I've ever featured in my Vlogs, complete with Artist Profile Photos, Page Links and Vlogs they've been featured in.  This page will be updated as Vlogs comes out, so please, check in from time to time, because there will be many more new artists to come.  Please, do me a huge favor and checkout some of these amazing artists. 

Listen to them.  Support them.  Buy their music.